Welcome to our new forums!

Hello everyone!

The new forums are here, and this time they’re staying™.

There’s a few things I want to say about them, but first a massive thanks to Jcava, who pretty much single-handedly did most of the hard work here (I just fiddled around with docker containers until they worked). Anyway, the following are some things that you need to know:

Logging in
If you had an account on the old forums, that was imported (unfortunately no other part of the import worked), however you will need to reset your password. The emails like being sent to spam, so make sure to check that as well.

Posting topics
Discourse is a bit different when it comes to organising: instead of topics with pages, each topic is one huge page, loading posts as you scroll down. In addition to this, it also places restrictions on editing posts and other things like that. Please let us know if they’re too tight to be workable. Having said all that, Discourse allows you to directly reply to posts (without needing to quote them) and also has live previews of what you’re typing, which are both pretty useful.

Post formatting
Discourse uses Markdown formatting, similar to Discord or Github README’s. There are 6 million tutorials online I’m sure, but here’s a quick one.

Chunky heading (#)

Less chunky heading (##)

Small heading (###)

Tiny heading (####)

Midget heading (#####)
Minute heading (######)


Code block with basic "syntax" #highlighting

Don’t like Markdown? You can also use basic <html> formatting (but no CSS or Javascript). You can, however, go absolutely insane with <div> tags if you want.

You can even use <iframe> to show a location on the server map:

<iframe width=600 height=600 src=‘insert copy-paste from the address bar after clicking ‘get link’ in the bottom left’>message for anyone who doesn’t use a browser capable of displaying iframes</iframe>

You can even show a location in real life by copy-pasting the link from google maps or https://openstreetmap.org

Final notes

  • The server map is now at https://map.hellominers.com. The old http link (play.hellominers.com:8123) will work for a bit, but cannot be embedded in iframes. The old secure link (play.hellominers.com:9000) no longer works.
  • There’ still some tidying up to do with the forums. For example, this post is a fairly cold and technical overview of what’s actually changed (which you can see by the fact that most of it is dedicated to post formatting), whereas someone like JC is better placed to write a longer and more formal announcement about the migration.
  • Since we’re all fairly new to this software, expect minor screwups now and again, as well as things taking longer than expected. However, we are actually now keeping backups (and actually have access to the machine the forums are running on), so a situation like before shouldn’t happen again.

Thank you for bearing with us, and we’re glad to be back!

EDIT: Didn’t realise that it also turns ( TM) into ™.