Wants for the Creative Server

I suspect some, if not all of these are probably planned, but these are what I look for in an creative server, and what would probably benefit HelloMiners:

  • Litematica Printing - This will be so people can transfer schematics from thier own server to the creative world if they so wish.
  • Large Scale Plots - This will be so players can build large scale items - such as cities or airports - on the creative world
  • Continutation of allowance of private design servers - Say, if the city design doesn’t fit the plot - they can design it on thier own server.
  • Allow duplication of terrain and locations to the creative server - This so players can build easily without worrying about recreating terrain/flattening land.
  • WorldEdit - Speeds up design time.
  • TPA - Allow Teleporation to other players via the /tpa, /tpahere commands on basic Essentials(X) on the creative world.
  • Allow up to 400x400 Plots - These will help players design large scale builds by merging plots.
  • Allow infinite plots - Players should be allowed to design as many times as they want, without overwriting previous designs.

Hopefully these are not too much to ask for. I know how to expand the default plot size if needed.

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Creative/build server is being worked on, we dont have an ETA on when it will be ready. The server is technically setup but we need to work out a few things before we can release it. As you know a member of the admin team is on vacation so it probably wont be launched about until the end of the month or later.

Most of those things you listed are possible but we will have to look into it.

  • Litematica printing generally crashes a server
  • Continuation of allowance of private design servers is expected since they can’t really enforce otherwise
  • I’d also expect WorldEdit and TPA to be there regardless

I mean I dont see any harm of using litematica on the creative server, just not on main now

Wants for the creative server

  • Creative Mode
  • Flying allowed
  • Plots for building
  • Creative Mode

I disagree, I don’t thing the creative world should have creative

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Infinite plots is a hard nope (otherwise some arse can crash the server by spamming /plot auto), however large plots shouldn’t be a problem.

If u generated the world’s with the players uuid as the file name then checked to see if the player has an existing world u can stop them from generating new ones. Although imo I like plots cause you can fly around see them all.

/flyspeed perms

It’s plots not worlds, worlds was interesting to say the least.

I’m no technician (to be precise, a former-technician/admin/developer for another semi-unrelated creative MineCraft server which I resigned from because I wound up doing all the work of 10 people unpaid essentially, and the owner had trust issues since an hacking incident 1 year prior, despite me telling them that it would be fine so long as they got monitoring), but wouldn’t the data needed for an per-player world be larger - thus causing disk space issues quickly.

yes, however i was referring to cheer’s suggestion that people could spam new worlds being fixed with a simple denizen script. furthermore you could also limit world sizes but then thats just ultra mega unjoined plots anyway haha

I still think it’s unneeded extra data, since it would also store the world biome, metadata, permissions, gamemode, etc.

Maybe denzien could be used for a /p auto cooldown, but a per-player world system would basically lead to issues a bit too quickly. But then you probably knew that. :stuck_out_tongue:

it’s unneeded extra data


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You are correct about this, worlds use way more storage than plots.

As for limiting the command via a denizen script, while definitely possible (something like on player runs command or similar, don’t have the docs open and cba to check) is adding an extra layer of complexity for not much gain (since if you’re using a stupid number of plots there’s probably other issues to deal with first).

Also I too like flying around, which will be even more fun now elytra exist (idk the last time the server worked).

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