Want to make the build of your dreams? I pay it!


Let’s introduce Paradise Builds Program. Here goes!

Do you want to make the building you have always dreamt of? If you want to build it in Paradise Hills, I can pay you! Also, you will own the building afterwards!

The nicer the build, the more I pay. The building can be small or big, it can even be a park.

What you need to do:

  • Contact me in discord or in game
  • Present pics of the complete design + ideally litematica file
  • Dimensions (width, depth, height)


  • Bad designs won’t be accepted
  • I won’t provide materials
  • There will be a reasonable timeline set for completion, exceeding reduces the money you get from me
  • Large designs can qualify for mainbase plots (contact me about this)
  • We can protect the design in a way that it can’t be altered by new owners

Had this idea literally 5 minutes ago. Hopefully all goes well xD


Good idea to get people in the city

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playing people to build in ur city? at least somebodys using their brain these days :smiley: