Update to HelloMiners Infrastructure Department Highway Guidelines

Hello everyone,

After a few weeks of back and forth revisions and taking feedback from staff and community stakeholders, the new infrastructure guidelines for highways and paths has been finalized. They can be viewed here: HelloMiners Highway Regulations

The linked document outlines the design guidelines, regioning requirements, funding processes, region ownership, and more. The goal of the new guidelines is to streamline the process of creating both government and private highway systems, creating new funding opportunities for private entities, and ensuring that the inter-city infrastructure being created does not diminish the overall look of the worldmap. The changes bring looser guidelines with a quick approval system for private projects. If anyone has any feedback, we are more than happy to make changes where appropriate. Please feel free to leave feedback here on this post.


Will there be something similar for high speed railways?

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yes! I was debating holding off and creating it all together in one, however the railway guidelines needs the same level of attention as highways. railways will come soon!