Unban gbt

Unban gbt. Legalize easy place. Is one dumb rule worth losing an active player?

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yuh it is, gbt just a result of trickle up fool

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Gbt has been banned for 4 times already. First was X-Ray, Second was Kill Aura and Duping, Third was for schematic printing, and fourth was for easy place.

He should be grateful for even getting a 4th chance. I’m surprised he hasn’t been banned forever.

I mean, we could have made the ban a lot longer, there was a lot more that was suspected easy placed, not just the airport.

Wasn’t he “leaving” “for good”

Always love your comments ender. I mean tbh, probably. I might pop in when unbanned every once in a while but not really going to continue in a very active sense at this point.

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oh no what a shame.

You break the rules, you face the consequences, that’s how those things work.

Especially since this is like the 4th time gBt did something to cheat / enrich himself I think it’s quite generous that it hasn’t been turned into a permaban.