Train heist?

So what if there was a train heist? I don’t know how it could be done but maybe a fleet of minecarts filled with high-powered enemies with crazy rewards to reward skill? I think the rewards should be super high as my idea was a task force of flyers using Elytras and crossbows would have to intercept the train (by blocking the railway or destroying the tracks, both would get less rewards) or by killing the hostiles while inside of the cart. This could be a great reward for players who have mastered Elytra flying and aiming with bows and a good way to have some fun while making money. The way I see it is you would have to get some kind of valuable (maybe a nuclear material?) and bring it to a drop-off point then get paid a sum based off the quality of the material (maybe even more enemies can chase after the heist players as to attempt to destroy the material?) Maybe it could even happen on the railroad near New Russellville. Just a thought.

Also, random example for the pricing system:

Broken material: 100/player (carrier killed or train exploded)

Highly damaged material: 1,000/player (carrier hurt badly by chasers or train crashes via blockage)

Medium damaged material: 2,500/player (carrier hurt by chasers or train derails)

Lightly damaged material: 5,000/player (carrier hurt barely by chasers or train hijacked maybe?)

Undamaged material: 10,000/player (carrier untouched at all or original material carrier shot and killed out of the plane)

(Or a helicopter/plane could be used to chase the train.)

The enemies could be armed with extremely powerful melee and ranged weapons but a lack of accuracy. Maybe even a boss on the train with a weapon with a long range and extreme damage.

This sounds cool but is highly unlikely to work as explained

Cj follow that train