The Free Water Coalition

The Free Water Coalition is an organization consisting of different locations throughout the server offering free water bottles.

Anyone can add a free water location to the coalition by responding to this forum post with location name, coordinates, city, and directions on how to get to the city the location is in. You can choose to give your location “local” or “global” status. Local status means that the location is meant for only local people in the area, while global status means it is intended for people to travel to there or it has an automatic water dispenser. Global locations are restocked more often than local locations.

Current Locations

Location 1
Location Name: Avara City Airport
Status: Global
Coordinates: X: 3588 Z: -2099
City: Avara City
Directions: Go to ./warp airport, click HMSU, then Avara, turn right towards coordinates

Location 2
Location Name: 2M Silver Lake
Status: Local
Coordinates: X: 349, Z: 3627
City: Silver Lake
Directions: Go to ./warp airport and click Silver Lake, exit airport towards coordinates

Location 3
Location Name: 2M Crystal Bay
Status: Local
Coordinates: X: 3833, Z: 71
City: Crystal Bay
Directions: Go to ./warp cb, take taxi to main square, then left to go to coordinates

Location 4
Location Name: NTD Crystal Bay Train Station
Status: Local
Coordinates: X: 3588 Z: -587
City: Wild/Crystal Bay
Directions: Head outside the main entrance of the train station.

Location 5
Location Name: Avara Embassy in Bayview
Status: Local
Coordinates: X: 4754, Z: 2345
City: Bayview
Directions: Head to Embassy District by taking tram line ending near embassy, follow coordinates.

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I feel like Alb needs this next to his free fries vending machine.

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