The First Teslo Apartment Awards (100K prize pool)

Apartments have always been the lifeblood of the server but nowadays when everyone and their momma is a millionaire on HM no-one wants to bother with this industry despite the fact that you can make some fat stacks from it with our new 2500F apartment price cap.

In order to spar investment in Newbie apartments so we can at least have places to bring newbies to when they join, Teslo is giving away some of it’s recently acquired wealth to the best apartment building owners.

How do I partake?

  • Show screenshots of the furnished apartments you have for rent in a reply to this post.
  • Apartments have to be well furnished (can’t just be a bed and some chests and furnaces)
  • Tell us how to get there.

That’s it.
There will be a 50K prize for the most beautifully designed apartments and a 50K prize for apartment buildings with the most rented apartments (by newbies so don’t try to get your friends to rent out all apartments just to get the prize).

Winners will be chosen on the 20th of April.

May the best win!

Horizon Awards was here, Teslo doesn’t know how to make player nominated awards.

Shut up Sherlock

No :slight_smile: