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Who we are
Teslo Inc. is a conglomerate dealing in retail, rental and alcoholic beverages. We only sell products that our factory can easily produce ensuring that we’ll always be stocked.

What we do
You can come to Teslo for:

  • Our famous Teslo Cooked beef
  • Enchanted books
  • Slimefun dusts and resources
  • All kinds of Slimefun fruits, vegetables, spices and prepared foods.
  • Alcoholic beverages
    -Affordable furnished apartments.

Where to find us
Currently we operate in the cities of Paradise Hills, Kingdom of Haven and Floræ.

  • Teslo Paradise Hills Station.
    Right behind Aramega in the Brackett district. This location sells enchanted books and almost any kind of Slimefun crop and ingredient.
  • Teslo Paradise XXL
    Will open soon - Our massive Headquarters and Megastore that is connected to our factory by an airbridge so you can buy in huge amounts.
  • Teslo Floræ
    Retail district close to the dragon statue.
  • Teslo Haven
    Teslo Haven is located in the Docks district of Haven and straight in front of Haven’s railway station. This location sells enchanted books, horse equipment and certain Slimefun foods.

Our history
Teslo Inc. has been serving the Hellominers community since 2017. With a strong focus on helping private cities grow, Teslo has always been a community driven company. For years having a Teslo open up in your city was a sign of success. After a company shake up in 2019 the company briefly operated under the name of S&G and The Sodom Corporation but as of December 2020 the company has gone back to its roots.


Come down to our Paradise Hills location (behind Aramega) today! We sell 27 kinds of slimefun fruits/vegetables/spices/ingredients and all 9 slimefun dusts. Now also selling SF items like steel plates, more products coming!

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Now this is the HelloMiners I remember! Let’s get this economy going again :smiley:

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