[Suggestions] Cryptocurrencies

In spirit with mining, an idea would be a Cryptocurrency set up where people can mine for bitcoin. Something like this plugin (maybe with an in-built api instead of coinbases - feel free to suggest):


It would certainly be quite nostalgic of the old days when there was paper currency or at least something separate to the balance. Also quite fun too.


im sure re-introduction of city currencies and some supported city events could facilitate multiple currencies again.


Yeah, this plugin is cool.

It would be great to have both City currencies and that plugin, to be honest, but I don’t know about the economic effects if it is good or bad as the plugin uses in-real-life coin pricing, so we must look into that side.

If the staff decided to add it at any time, I don’t have a problem to donate so they can add the Premium version one to add more currencies as BTC and ETC are not enough :stuck_out_tongue: