[Suggestion] Update to City Claiming Rules

I propose an update to the following private city claiming rules as this would help with the development of communities in some cities that may be adversely affected by outsiders trying to buy cities and changing the direction of that city or suddenly incorporating it into a different/expanding nation (change listed in bold - wording could be different if it is felt it is not workable in its current form). Also I feel current rules promote intercity warfare before communities.

Claiming Rules:

Private Cities that become inactive enough (see city inactivity formula below) will fall into the government’s hands to be auctioned off on the forums, UNLESS:

· The residents of that city request to buy the city first. A notice will be issued in the city department discord for 2 week.
· Another private city is within 200 blocks. That private city has the option to buy it at land value, or have the government demo or auction it.

· Multiple private cities are within 200 blocks.

· They can come to a mutual agreement concerning the city’s ownership.
· They can come to a mutual agreement for it to be demoed by the government.
· If no mutual agreement is reached, a majority of the city owners can choose to reach an agreement instead. If no agreement is reached this way, the city is auctioned by the government.

· Agreements can be made by opening a ticket on the city department discord with all of the involved city owners.

Who consitutes as the resident of a city? Owning a plot? owning a home? What if the residents don’t have the same idea in mind? Would all residents get a say, no matter how many, and how long would this take?

What city would make sense that its residents have a say before surrounding city owners? While some cities simply are within proximity of each other now due to increases in the city regioning buffer rule, they shouldnt be excluded from having that rule apply to them because it would disadvantage them in expansion.

It would also be unfair for that nearby city owner to see a close city they have been waiting to go inactive for to be just rebought by residents of the city again. What we are defining as a resident of a city is very flawed because anyone could go and buy a suburb plot and then have a say to buy the city when it goes inactive.

I suppose it’s whether you prioritise other cities or the communities within the cities.

I think its sensical for any veteran citizens to be put in a caretaker role of a city in case the owner goes inactive. Camel is afraid he will go inactive so he added me as a city manager, along with Nar who’s also fairly active. We are both Sunset Coast citizens and are recognized and trusted by the owner of the city to the point where we are given responsibility to keep the city alive or prevent others from owning it.