[Suggestion] Update adjacent regions rule with current context

XXII. Inactivity Evictions

· Multiple directly adjacent regions owned by the same player are treated as one region.

The above rule was written in a time when private infra was rare or developed between nearby cities only.

In the last few years the context of private infra now refers to the mass development of organised regions stretching across large parts of the map. This was something in the past usually the government would do in service of the cities. There are now lots of connected unapproved private infra networks that could quote this rule to protect themselves.

This rule usually referred to a base or other connected larger region, however with railways and highways being interpreted by some as a connected regions, one could now consider an adjacent region being 2 regions on opposite sides of the map with a long road/rail connecting, if they had the same owners.

This also provides an unfair advantage where cartels of players can band together to protect their inactivity.

Infra would not be unregioned as a result of any inactivity eviction from this as it should then fall to government.

The intention of the rule is fine but as it is open to exploitation I would like to suggest the rule include a clause about it not applying to highways and railways so that is clarified.