[Suggestion] Transfer the Wiki I maintain to here.


At present, I maintain an unofficial HelloMiners wiki with a small community of people, as seen here. Currently, we have at least two technicians who support the wiki, and people who trust it as official.

So, I’m thinking that the main website could either have a direct link to our wiki, or to a sub-page which me and the group of people in the discord server (HelloMiners Wiki Project) could maintain with the staff of HelloMiners.

At present, the primary wiki rules are just to follow HelloMiners rules, and we’re planning a set of ‘wiki rules’ to go hand-in-hand with these.

This would not only benefit both new players, and veterans in that it can act as a source for the history of numerous objects.

So, just cause I feel like it, have a poll.

Should there be a wiki intergration into the HM Forums?
  • Link it to the Wikia page
  • Have it on the actual forums
  • Let’s not do anything
  • I don’t mind how it’s implemented

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In my opinion, transferring the current wiki to the forum defeats the purpose of a wiki especially in regards of collaboration in which only the topic author can edit a post, although there are the obvious benefits that it would all be in one place.

As I said earlier on discord, I currently own the domain https://hellominers.wiki which currently redirects to the wiki, and is currently registered for a year using a porkbun promotion.
If you are interested in migrating away from the wikia platform, I would hapily change nameservers of this domain to ones you control, or help with migration to a self-hosted wiki platform like one listed below.

If this is something you are interested in, there would be the benefits of having a more brandable wiki domain (easy to remember) and more flexibility in which you are not limited to the service provied by Wikia.

TLDR: Stay on a wiki (Doesn’t matter which, just not forums)

I dont mind linking a wiki to the forums, the only thing is its full of ads and isnt really usable for the gneral playerbase

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Im working on transferring the wiki to a far superior host too, and it is community maintained so there could be guides written on it.

Yeah, change the wiki platform as it’s so bad. I like your contributions by the way!

Update: Wiki Platform Changed. There’s now no advertisements, and runs directly on miraheze.

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