(Suggestion) Tier 7 Warp (With lots of rules)

The idea behind this is to give another thing to strive for in private cities that can help them compete with government cities and help improve the server economy by creating more demand for plots and resources. The reason why this hasn’t been allowed for private cities though is

  1. Server doesn’t want warps to be over saturated
  2. Aren’t government controlled so can be exploited or become eyesores themselves
  3. Can go inactive

In order to solve these issues, I have came up with certain requriements that should be created to guarantee that warps still remain exclusive while also highlighting positive aspects of the server design wise.

Warp Requirements for the city just to be able to build

  • Tier 6 (State)
  • Must have at least 1 other city merged into the State
  • Must have a job center
  • 2,500,000 fee for activating warp

Building Requirements

  • Must be located in a central part of the State
  • Only 1 building can be owned by a city owner in the warp area
  • There must be a dedicated transportation hub (Airport, Subway, Dock) in the warp area
  • Must be 1 building/area for new player rental shops
  • 1 building will be owned by the HM government to provide space for government regulations or offices. Maybe considered an embassy
  • Must be in a 100x100 area minimum
  • Design of area must be approved by staff in order to be activated

Warp Location rules after approval

  • The warp square will not have the city owners added as owners and instead the government will be owners to keep the city from changing the design after approval (To clarify, this land will still be added in as city land for calculations on the city value). This will only be done on first row plots and the area around warp. All 2nd row plots and other parks will remain unchanged in ownership. However, staff can eyesore ugly changes with the immediate vicinity of warp of deemed necessary by the city dept.
  • All redesigns or modifications must be ran by staff and approved
  • Government monopoly rules will apply to these warp areas
  • Plot sale/rental revenue goes to the city (city owners) with a 5% fee given to the hm government due to government work in the area (since staff will assist with eyesores)
  • Eyesore of a plot can be done by either hm government or owner of city if violation of city rules or above rules occurs

Plot Design Rules

  • The Private City will make eyesore rules which the HM government will approve. These rules will be the basis for eyesores/evictions
  • Inappropriate imagery or egregious things not mentioned in the rules but are obviously bad will result in eyesore

Warp Deactivation

  • If a warp becomes inactive (4 months of inactivity by owner(s) and a subsequent government inquiry), the warp is removed and the land is returned from government ownership to the city owner(s)
  • Every month, the reimbursement of the warp fee is reduced on a linear 10% interval (250k removed per month for 10 months until 0f reimbursed due to inactivity).
  • Depending on whether a plot owner is active and is actively using the plot, compensation can be given by the HM government with a maximum amount of comp given based on revenue raised by the HM government from the warp. .

Government Inquiry determinents

  • Are all city owners inactive or basically inactive to the point where the warp has fallen into disrepair?
  • Are plots owned by players not active
  • Is the government hindered to the point it can’t run the warp
    Note* - This is staff discretion and these are more of a semi guideline rather than strict rules staff would follow. It is a big deal to remove a warp.

I don’t know if your aware, but we don’t go by the tier system your talking about anymore. Come join the city department discord to check out the new one. https://discord.gg/eZpxmYAQnV

Changed it to 6 instead of 15.

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Surely it is still exploitable for people that are buying the plots as well, I suppose you’d need to add rules for that as well.

eh i mean i thought as a community we agreed on lowering the number of warps. i.e combining /warp eh with an events center or tp pad within reach of spawn, ect. warps to private cities have never been a thing and are kinda a bad idea as it furtheres monopolistic practices


Yeah it’s a may look like a nice Idea but ehh lol… Just no for private city warps :stuck_out_tongue:

2.5 million better be spent on city upgrade by expanding it, adding more runways for more connections, upgrading the roads and making connections with other cities, this is the real deal. Not 2.5 million for a dumb /warp xd