[Suggestion] TedEx, your number 1 choice in shipping & recieving

Star Mail adds mailboxes, letters, and packages to Minecraft. It pays close attention to details to deliver an immersive mailing experience.

Why add this to hellominers? It will be implimented as part of a new store chain run by the government called TedEx, which will provide fast, swift and efficient mailing service towards players. TedEx will look into purchasing plots in player run and government cities to provide the best mailing service possible.

Want to send items or gifts to players but they’re offline? Utilize our free item mailing service to ship or recieve parcels or letters, just simply pick up at any TedEx Location!

Now Hiring! After the first TedEx location is opened, we will be hiring players for DAILY delivery jobs, which will provide our first server wide profession, shipping/delivery. We can even have a rare delivery set, and cool parcel types as rewards.

Lost and Found? Found a missing or lost parcel? Deliver it to TedEx for a reward!

If this idea works out and is popular we can expand to other roleplay jobs.

Edit: Dylad suggested we remove the forsal transfer in the discord and allow players to mail money with this system.



I think this is another unessecarry GUI plugin addition. I also don’t quite understand what the suggestion is if tedex is to be a government owned organisation?
Maybe a bit more clarity in the post would be great

Edit: Furthermore the discord channel is perfect as is, although I’m not informed on why we can’t send money to offline players like before.

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Love the plugin. Just last week I had to send people Ball Invitations and if we had this it would be so much easier, instead of having to drop them by an specific location and mail them to come get it. I think it adds to the eco/city rp part of the server, and I can already imagine people building post offices at their towns to apply for the custom job.

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