[Suggestion] Survival & PVP

So, here’s my suggestion. Most kids probably find city servers boring when they are a bit dry like this has become. HM started as a factions server and PVP would be core to this, so let’s rejuvenate the PVP experience.

My idea:

  1. Get rid of PVP enabling/disabling by command.

  2. PVP on automatically in the wild.

  3. PVP off automatically in cities unless they reach a certain tier and then owners can have it turned on in regions (like the old days). This allowed cities to create PVP minigames and we should encourage this.

Bases can be protected with chorus-fruit-teleport deny and enderpearl deny so people can still protect themselves. It can be off in resource too for people who want to safely get stuff.

  1. Bounty Hunters Premium Plugin but make it expensive to place bounty. https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/bountyhunters-premium.72142/

  2. Optional: player loses like 100f a kill in the wild (if this can be done). Money goes to opponent.