[Suggestion] [SUD] Giving Train Stations the same abilities as Airports

THE MEMBERS OF THE SUD officially proposes that train stations gain the same ability as airports for use as teleporting locations. A warp would situate a large train terminus, like /warp a, and give the option to connect to the train stations of certain cities using the same interface as the airport (while separate). Train stations would need to be a realistic size and offer at minimum two railway tracks and one platform. City owners are given the option to make other connections to other cities physically or via a second teleportation option, similar to the current airport system.

The goal of this would be to create greater realism for cities on HelloMiners while giving more flexible options for city owners. It is simply a win-win situation.

We have been made aware that certain members of the staff were already planning this, but we’d just like to put forward our own proposal.

This suggestion has the Southern Union for Development’s support, as 8 members supported the proposal. This also means that we already have 8 members of the community’s support.

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Correction, we already have 9 members of the community’s support.

Aha, thank you ;p