[Suggestion] Revert to Areashop

I get you guys are doing stuff behind the scenes, which we are all very grateful for. Seeing as the ARM plugin isn’t actually compatible with the way we buy/sell and rent regions between players, especially as the government doesn’t own every plot, I don’t think it’s right for the server.

Areashop, like many plugins, hasn’t been updated but doesn’t require an update. Many plugins we use aren’t support, but are still compatible as the java and minecraft code hasn’t been deprecated.

Even if you do decide to go with ARM permanently, maybe it’s best to roll it out once it’s ready and lobby the developers to include the features we need.

I get there’s going to be a roll back with regions to the back up once the issue with migrating regions with parenting is sorted. It could cause a lot of disputes with ownership of regions and I think it’s best to go with what still works rather than trying to put a bandage on a limited new plugin.

As the old adage goes, if it aint broke, don’t fix it. So please can we go back to areashop and work in ARM once we know it’ll be ready. If you feel the workarounds are sufficient and will be implemented very soon, an update would be much appreciated.

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Aya is working hard on modifying ARM to get it to work for our needs, they will be working through this week and next week to polish it up. ARM does have issues but it just needs more time.

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While I’m not 100% certain, I’m fairly sure AreaShop just doesn’t support 1.19 at all, hence the change.

It doesnt support it, but technically it works

There’s also a few forks out there as well.

even if AS is compatible with 1.19, its compatibility with future versions (where there could be breaking changes) that’s likely an issue as its last commit was over 2 years ago, whereas ARM was updated 19 hours ago. Using a fork you’re also reliant on it being up to date, and it can be abandoned at any point (I couldn’t find a fork with a recent commit, Curtis73 and TreasureIslandMC’s forks seem to be the closest and are likely compatible with 1.19). Also seems like AreaShops dev build site is down.
EDIT: GitHub - md5sha256/AreaShop: A Bukkit/Spigot (Minecraft server) plugin that facilitates renting and buying WorldGuard regions was updated last month

The only way to get AS back and be future-proof would be if HM were to maintain its own fork of AS, but this is unlikely to happen as the techs are already busy as it is

I guess we just patch ARM with tonnes of listeners and hope it still works this time next year.

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