Suggestion: Remove keepinv for economic boost.

The premise is simple: remove keep inventory to spice up the economy again. Keepinv has been convenient but it does more harm to the server than it does good.
As of right now diamonds are worthless and they’ve been that for a long while. Because once you make your armor set you don’t buy a new one unless you somehow manage to break it and that’s bad for the economy.

There have even been occasions where players attempted to artificially raise the price of diamonds by buying them in bulk to create scarcity but there are so many diamonds in the game at this point that it’s no use. It’s disheartening to see a newbie stripmine diamonds only to find out they’re worthless and everyone has them already. Removing keep inv would actually create scarcity for those and many more items.

Now obviously one could say this would be bad because people would lose rares but is that really a bad thing?
Like I’ve seen plenty of people complain about the rares market not being like it used to be, some scarcity in the form of actually being able to lose your rares could solve that.

This would also help the food market sell more food.


Removing keep inv as a way to artifically raise diamond prices is stupid tbh. And secondly the problem with the rare market is that enchants have been reverted to vanilla levels and the overwhelming amount of rares released in the past two years specifically have been devaluing older rares such as the speed stick or educk sword.

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We should remove hunger. Since dying no longer has any consequences, what is the point of having food? We should turn off hunger. Lets all be immortal! Yay!

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Diamond prices are 16f thanks to gtc. idk why we would need it to be more :confused:


Stupid isn’t an argument and diamonds are just an example. Obviously the rare nerf also had an impact but in fairness we had too many op rares but that’s not the point of this discussion.

Even if you think diamond prices are fine currently, wouldn’t you agree the economy could use more scarcity? We’ve all grown too accustomed to inv keep, it removes some spice out of the game. Imagine the sales you could make with keepinv gone.

In my opinion, having keepinv turned off has nothing to do with economy; it only forces you to become better at survival. We are an economy server and I’d find it stupid if all our new players were focusing on not losing their items rather than making money and having fun which is what we are all about.

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As for me, I think this would do nothing but frustrate players. Additionally, 5 months ago we had 2 votes with both proving that this was not popular by a majority of players.

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The problem I see with it is that it mainly affects new players, and not in a positive way. Most people with adequate rares can just 1-2 tap a mob and lose 2 hearts to a creeper, while new players would get destroyed. The only change experienced players would make is not AFKing in the wild, and keeping rares in Echest.


I mean, there is also soulbond gear from sf so this wouldn’t affect much.

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what about, instead of people dropping all their items when they die, they get the coords to where their items are and a “grave” is put down where you can right click for your items back. this would certainly make diamonds and rares a sort of “pay for your convenience” thing, where you pay more money to lessen the inconvenience of having to go get your stuff each time.

a change like this would certainly not make the focus of the server to not die, especially since most people would work in cities where chances of dying to mobs are lower, it would certainly add a challenge but people would still go on with their days, just slightly more carefully

it’d make new players spend money on gear, that’s assuming we have new players to join us and stay with us, but if they stick around in cities there’s very little reason they would die as there are no mobs (and they have no elytras). them sticking aroudn in cities means that other people get money, not the government (because of wild land), therefore more money circulating in the economy

Spend money on gear that they could lose with one mistake (if they find someone to sell them gear before they lose their inv multiple times). In my opinion it just complicates things for new players, and changes little for experienced players.

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To remove such a convenience like keeping - a somewhat necessary function of day-to-day HM - to hike up the price of a single item few people sell would be a bad idea. The costs most certainly outweigh the benefits.

How about we remove keepinv for some, not all items?

so your solution to the economy is to make players lose all their shit when they die. this is the no. 1 way to totally destroy rare items and crash their value. why spend 50k on an imperial chestplate when you can just lose it and die? this paired with pvp allowed everywhere could result in people being killed (without realising pvp is on) and them losing all their items. it is too embedded into the server to remove, end of.

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Speaking as someone with a poorly performing PC and internet connection, I’d be pretty frustrated if I lost my stuff because of it. Besides, as Noodle mentioned, and the way I see it, rares would only go down in value, not up, as plenty of people (especially those in a situation similar to mine) would be too afraid to actually use them, driving demand down.

Edit: just realised this topic’s ded ;-;

Can someone explain to me whats the use of diamonds? Might be a bit off topic, but wtf do people even use diamonds for? Isn’t their only use making tools and armor? Every time someone comes talk about economy they talk about diamond prices, as if diamonds are traded regularly everyday in massive amounts like concrete, glass, or other building materials. Honestly if yall wanna talk about economy, talk about what people use lol

Might not be related to the post aswell, but i think we should focus economy on farmable stuff thats on vanilla and cant be automated. Like netherwart, fish (without the pyrofishing), and building blocks pretty much

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Convert them into coal and sell them to admin shop :slight_smile: