[Suggestion] Re-add the 3s /warp cooldown

Is exactly what it says on the tin. Re-add the 3 second cooldown when executing /home, /warp, ect. There’s no good reason to have removed it in the first place.

There’s also no good reason to even have it. I don’t see how waiting 3 seconds is going to benefit the server.


Admins had instant teleportation and ender shack didn’t even realize there was a timer. I think that’s why it was removed since it wasn’t supposed to be there in the first place.


it stops people teleporting home when they get attacked by mobs

its been on the server since essentials was added, which was probably before you joined. it was removed to be inline with the new airport and warps system which is a complete disaster.

I joined the server in March of 2014. It has been around for a while but it was supposed to be removed at some point and admin didn’t realize it was still active since they would just instant teleport. It was needed to be instant since the airport and subway systems. Personally, with /suicide, it wasn’t really necessary for the 3 seconds to exist

so because end didnt realise there was a short delay, we should keep making the game easier?

I dont think adding/removing the 3 second thing makes the game easier/difficult, its just 3 seconds.


so why remove it in the first place?

edit: it also stops you from instantly tp’ing out when youre being attacked by mobs

this is false i did always know there’s a delay but i dont think about it 24/7

Admins bypass the 3 second delay so if we readd it admins have unfair gameplay advantage for no good reason

it stops people teleporting home when they get attacked by mobs

So they don’t teleport, die, and… reappear home - just like how people used to /suicide before the delay was removed

Also the vast majority of players have good enough gear to avoid/defend against mob attacks

Having good gear ≠ being able to not be hit by a skeleton for 3 seconds. People used to have to actually fight mobs for a bit before they could warp out

You’re ignoring the first part, instead of using /home to get home they can just let the mobs kill them and instantly teleport home, which (I assume) is what people would do if /home had a cooldown

Which nobody did when there was a cooldown?

yea; much quicker to /suicide home

so why remove it in the first place, it makes it almost impossible to re-add because people want it to be kept easy

In that case we could also argue for the removal of the tool breaking warning if you wanna make things harder.

id be up for that providing its part of a large change of multiple things across the server.