[Suggestion] Rail Way Overhaul

As many of you know, the removal of warps has severely hindered the progression of small cities. Now that the nether is being reset, a large majority of these Cities are left without a cheap way of transporting players to their cities.

That is why I would like to introduce a Rail Way overhaul.

The Rail Way Overhaul will introduce a new forum of mainstream transportation into HelloMiners.

How it works

RWO is a cheaper and easier way for cities to be connected with main hubs. Cities that are Connected with a Railway (Certified designed Rail) would be able to travel via Teleportation. Similarly to an Airport.
But, in order to not overpower the efficiency of the Airport. Delayed teleportation OR teleportation into a holding train would make train travel slower.

For example. Traveling from Helloclan City to Ashford without an airport would entail traveling to Helloclan Train Station, then finding the platform to Ashford. After boarding the train and selecting the destination. The player would be teleported into another train car in the wild, where the player stays until the designated time of travel has been surpassed (Staying in the train car for about a minute) This method would still leave Airport Travel superior, but still, give new cities a method of cheap travel

There are currently Rules in place for building a train station. and these rules can stay the same. They state;

With these train rules and a minimum city tier of 1, train travel can severely benefit the growth of new cities, and potentially replace the use of nether transportation.
Please reply with your thoughts!
Thank you for your time :mrgreen:


There has been a lot of confusion surrounding this suggestion.
To put it shortly, I am suggesting players can teleport between cities that are connected via rail. Much to how airports work.