[Suggestion] New Shop Rules for Gold Plots

I would like to make the following general suggestions for updating gold plot rules for shops so they are used more responsibly:

  • Rented areas for ground floor gold plots must be reasonably priced. (For instance some reasonable formula to prevent plots like bunnaiplot at West City, which should be a gold/silver plot, from charging 100,000F per 30 days for a 20*17 ground floor shop when half the time there’s only 4-10 players online.)
  • Gold Plot shops must have a mixture of buy and sell chestshops. (This would prevent a lot of these shops from being empty and also eventually add to the profit of that player if they go offline for an extended period).
  • Purchased gold plots must not be left empty for more than a month and must have a use i.e. apartments, shop or rented area for shop, other suitable alternative uses i.e. casinos etc. (Allow evictions to prevent misuse of plots. This would ensure front rows in cities like CB are forced to be active. Sometimes I think people buy plots and leave them empty to kill the server.)
  • Historic plot exemption - No shop may be preserved within a building that is historic. (This seems like common sense however buildings like SFC have been left abandoned for years with empty chests. I’m pretty sure if freshblood cared for it he would have maintained it. If it is historic you could always make historic plots fixed by only selling the region of the floors and not the outside walls and call it SFC Tower if you prefer. External branding should be replaced when a new company takes it over).

Just some rules that I think would be pretty fair.

Also as a suggestion with government plots in general:

  • Gold plots must be put up for auction as soon as possible or within 1 month of being evicted.
  • Suburb plots must be put up for auction as soon as possible or within 2 month of being evicted.

The gov owns a TON of plots in all gov cities, they evicted those plots and NEVER put them back for auction, this has been happening for at least 3 years.
I have complain many times about this and nothing gets done.
Gov should auction these plots becuase it makes no sense for them to own them for years and well it will be better for each gov city.

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Im lost. These are just normal gold plot rules. Also, unless things are changed, I don’t know of any gold plot with a rent sign above 10k.