[Suggestion] More vehicles

Ah, back on my favourite sub-forum.

This isn’t so much a suggest for a new plugin or anything as radical as a server reset or war, mainly that /warp dealership only sells 6 vehicles. The car, the racecar, the motorbike, that other motorbike, the plane and the helicopter. I know for a fact that those are not the only vehicles that this plugin has to offer, and I’d love to see some trains but mainly boats added. I understand that we have mine carts and wooden boats, but equally we had horses and elytra before cars/bikes and planes/helis were added?

I think it’d be super cool to have different trains (e.g steam/diesel/electric) and different boats (e.g steam/speedboat/yacht). We’d also see more infrastructure like canals and train stations be made, just as more runways/roads were.

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Sadly, because of the plugin we have right now, the only option for boats is a raft. Same thing for the trains, there is only one kind, and we can’t add any other kinds of vehicles or models on our own. Thats why we need Q.A.V. back… The vehicles that are in the plugin but aren’t available yet should be made available though, but I assume they are working on that.

What’s the plug-in called?

Ok I’ve found the plug-in and there’s multiple vehicles that still should be added