[Suggestion] Military Base/War

Hello all,

I know Cake has made a post about something like this in the past but I don’t know if anything came of it so I thought i’d bring it up again. I am just starting to learn about plugins tho so I’m not 100% sure which ones we could use but I have a few in mind. So, one way to possibly combat inflation on the server is to add in more military features for private cities. This could start by reaching a high enough tier to add a military base to your city. Also for this to work all Military bases would need to have PvP allowed. I know we are not a war server at all but military is usually a decent part of a countries economy so it could fit in well. Theres two different ways I could see this working. An easier way and a probably much more difficult way.

Easier Way:

  • Add new military themed vehicles - We already have tanks in the server so why not add in a few more vehicles such as a military ship of some kind (Battleship, submarine, etc.), a fighter jet (faster than the normal plane), and maybe some sort of military SUV (maybe with camo)

  • Add in some more custom weapons - One example could be like the alien blasters that were given out for Sci-fi deathmatch but maybe a little less powerful and without any special perks besides firing a laser since it prob shouldn’t be too OP

  • Possible plugin - Add in a way like Ender said in Cakes post for people to wager money, land, or even items. So when the war starts the wagers (if money or items) are taken from players until war has ended and will be given to the winner. This way when people were to fight they have an incentive to win so they won’t lose there stuff. Of course the wager would have to be agreed upon by both parties

  • Possibly add in a aircraft hanger as alternative to military base if the city is near a large body of water

  • A way to expand on this even more is to make ranks for different city militaries. This could be to a lesser degree like the city tiers in that it would need to have certain things to get a higher rank (such as certain number of military vehicles, military base land size, etc.)

Harder Way:

  • All Above suggestions plus:

  • Add in a plugin that allows for "missiles to be fired from one base to another - This does NOT mean blocks will be damaged. Instead have missiles that only do poison or maybe wither damage in the area for a longer amount of time than normal (example: A wither missile hits a base and the area it landed in has 30-45 min of wither damage. This way u could still attack people and cause damage or death to entities but not damage the actual base.

  • I found a few examples of this but this is kinda just an idea since it would be pretty complex - Add in a countermeasure system that would detect incoming missiles and fire missiles (or maybe the laser from laser gun) to shoot down the incoming missiles before they were to hit. This is probably not able to happen but would be pretty cool to see

I have a few more ideas that could be added also, but this is roughly what I was thinking. I think it would be cool for players to have a more in depth way of doing pvp when events are not occurring. It would also tie into the role-play side of the server as well. If anyone has any questions let me know

Thanks all! :smiley:


I think this could be a great addition to city tiers but I do see a couple problems with this suggestion.

The current vehicles plugin probably doesn’t have these vehicles otherwise they would already be on the server. If they do exist, disregard this reply. That being said, we would need someone familiar with the plugin to code the vehicles mechanics and someone to create the texture/design for the vehicle. Furthermore, the plugin is already in the air about being added in the first place so I’m not sure internally its a great idea to make major additions to a volatile plugin.

I like this idea, but I also think this is going to be difficult logistically. The idea of a PvP with custom weapons sounds like a great idea for an event or a large scale community event but per city and adding a custom PvP weapon would need to be well planned out and balanced to not impact original PvP. The theory of bases would work but it’s not as simple as it probably looks. If you want a military base which can be defended and attacked, you can’t hand out infinite amounts of custom blasters to those who want to attend. Limiting the number of blasters would mean the city manager needs to keep track and hold onto the items. This in itself is difficult but is possible. However, someone could just not give back the item and there you go, the whole thing comes crumbling down. In event design - very well shown in the SciFi Deathmatch event - you need controlled enviorments to work in. If you don’t have that control there becomes exploits and bugs. Just like you want to make sure people know their inventorys are going to be cleared on entry and exit to an event, you don’t want anyone to be able to come along and partake in your event with certain items either. I don’t think the concept of attacks on bases in cities with custom items is feasible.

Great idea, but how are you going to:

  1. Find a plugin which can do this
  2. Modify it for use on the server

Denizen could defiantly handle such a thing but again, there needs to be a structure to make this kind of system for. It can’t just be a standalone script based on a loose concept, there actually needs to be a whole system in place to register bases, take bets, calculate winners (requires on-server locations) and to then payout without any exploits or cases it can be mis-used. A more detailed plan really needs to be made if this was to be made, but I can see it happening if the other discrepancies are resolved.

In principal this sounds cool but having a wither effect in a military base in a city wouldn’t do anything? People would just not go into the base. There’s like at max 3 players in the same city at once so unless you’ve got a big several hour long event planned with 20-30 other players in other cities this would be entirely pointless. This whole concept of militaries and wars is only effective if we actually have enough engagement from the community and realistically, 5 players isn’t going to cut it.

Again, I’m totally with you on how cool this sounds but honestly this does not seem like the server to be doing it on. If we had hundreds of players, this would be an epic new thing to do which we could build the infrastructure for but for a economy/city server with 20 active players throughout the week, it’s not going to work. Even this idea as a new server concept would be pretty cool. Having players join into countries and attacking each other like existing faction servers but with a modern spin would genuinely pull a lot of interest.

With all this being said, I think this had great potential for an event. We used to have a D-Day event and there’s no reason we can’t scale this up to an extremely large events arena where cities can form their own militaries and participate in this kind of event. Requirements to form your own military would likely be what you stated, a base in the city at a certain tier. I think my comments near the top about needing a controlled environment was sort of leading on to this. I talked to Thendil today and he asked about some kind of capture the flag game which honestly I think is another great idea. In my opinion, I think we really need to push for community activities, specifically events and quests of a high quality. We have all been pushed apart more than ever with all these changes since early 2020 and we have no hope of growing if we are always just pointing out the problems and actually creating solutions. I’m personally making infrastructure for existing events to bump their frequency and efficiency and I certain embrace the idea for new events or anyone willing to help design/build/suggest new events. Thing is it takes time and effort and I’m sometimes not finding it easy to keep committing time to make these things when there are so many problems with the server people don’t see as well as current content on the server being more damaging than people understand.

I think it’s important people read this not as a negative post to shoot down another idea, but just a realistic reply based on my experience making community events.

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Okay. Whos going to design one for gov.

I feel like a government contract could solve that.

My capture the flag idea was basically something like warsong gulch (Warcraft), where you have to capture the enemies flag at their base and bring it your base 3 times. first team to do that wins. would be good for like a community event game but may require a number of players and possibly a plugin/programming to do the flag capturing.

However, how about this:

Each tier 5 / nation can build their own base. PVP will be on in the base so the city can protect against intruders. There would be something in the base like a high level NPC or something to destroy. Upon doing so, a broadcast would say something like ‘RPD929 has captured Bayview’. That player would then be added to the region of a specific area where they can place a custom object in the form of a banner.

Let’s says RPD was hired by the special forces of the HMSU. The banner he would be carrying would then replace the base’s city flag with the HMSU flag. The flag will then be protected by a layer of obsidian and guarded by several OP npcs/iron golems. It would be up to the opposing forces to battle it out to maintain/regain control of the base. To regain control of the base, the city would have to oust the intruders, take out the golems/npcs and break the obsidian layer and destroy the flag.

This Dynmap wars type scenario would be fun and it would be relatively self-contained in each of the bases and be repeatable. The more SUD bases RPD takes with the HMSU banner, the more SUD will be humiliated as the map turns to red and gold. It would have to improve its military manpower to fend off the all powerful HMSU.

You could even have a scoring system clocking up the time of how long a base has been captured for by a specific team. Nations can fight it out to be top of the leaderboard.

Potential suggestion that could work?

I need to give the suggestion and replies a full read, but it definitely sounds like it could work (possibly with some minor tweaks).

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As long as I get to use my carrier

Sounds like fun.
I mean in all fairness, SUD and Wasp are way bigger in numbers than HMSU but one can dream.

Just to say SUD isn’t military at all, but if it was we’d beat your asses.

W.A.S.P however is, and it would annihilate you. :slight_smile:

Doodle you are literally the only person i have ever seen to not be in favor of vehicles on the server. It is not “in the air”

wut u said they should go? or was it ultra?

yeah, no didnt say that. i like the vehicle plugin its very vanilla+

Twas ultra my b

Its too late to remove vehicles its a core feature to the server now

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So was /warp