Suggestion: Map Tweaks

Just a quick suggestion about these rings of failed version renders of the map. As you can see biomes all over the place:

Take for instance this (below). How much nicer would it look if some of these areas had slight biome changes i.e. west of oasis city and dubai, just so it didn’t look drastic. Also some of the other areas could be updated to make it look less striking without having to mess with the map by copying and pasting chunks.


This sounds like a job for ender the biome bender, but i bet @NarwhalsRcool would also do well with this

Why we gota do this its history


One thing i would say is i’m down to do this for untouched land but if its around a city like Oasis city, seen in the picture, I feel like its fair to ask for their permission say to change the savanna parts around their city to snow (which they might reject). Alternatively we could make their savanna larger. So definitely doable but would be fair to give certain nearby land owners the ‘brush’.

My thoughts exactly lol.

yes lets make Dubai, the city known for being a desert, into a snowy biome

If this were like maybe 2019 I’d be totally against this idea because I liked the vanilla, everything built in survival vibe of this server, but so much has changed idc anymore lol.

Dubai chose a pretty bad place to settle in the first place since its literally next to the snow anyway

It’s weird how the biomes in minecraft don’t make sense how snow suddenly appears.

*cracks neck

I love a good challenge