(Suggestion) Map Contraction and Terraforming Department

The idea is simple. Yes, the city demo department still exists, but we need to take this into high gear and have it become a leading job opportunity for new players. The framework would really be the same as the old department, but be heavily advertised. Many cities lay completely inactive, including government ones. I believe in a compromise to the reset side and the anti-reset side, we need to temporarily close off (can be done with a wall/invisible boundary) inactive parts of HelloClan, Crystal Bay, and private cities to aid in helping keep the player base intentionally dense in certain areas. This suggestion would also include removing certain cities from the airport warp hub.

I have argued for years that the size of the map is no longer sustainable, so we should be more intentional in taking actions to aid the issue without needing to completely reset it. Closing off portions of cities and continuing demolition efforts can function similar to what a reset would provide.

Portions of government cities closed off would also be intentionally designed to keep active parts flourishing. It would not be random. This also does not have to be permanent. Also note that plot buyouts for the rare active plots in far back rows would be included.

There are also ways to make this look nice. A border wall of some type can make the closed areas and demo areas look like a role play experience with a construction-like design. It does not have to be ugly.

This is a very broad suggestion and I can work on specifics with map designs and targeted areas if it gains traction. Thanks for reading.

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