[Suggestion] Lower cost of starting companies

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Vaults - yes! Bank accounts - yes! Business lounge and perks - yes!

Worth the cost without getting it via an upgrade ticket? No! Will we get upgrade tickets in future events again? Who knows.

Time to knock a 0 off the amounts below:

HM Company Tiers Currently

Start-up - 100,000F
Small Business - 150,000F
Companies - 250,000F
Partnership - 500,000F
Corporation - 750,000F
Monopoly - 1,000,000F

Total: 2,750,000F (Crazy sink hole)

How much to start a company in the UK?
£12 company filing fee

What HM company tiers should be

Start-up - 10,000F
Small Business - 15,000F
Companies - 25,000F
Partnership - 50,000F
Corporation - 75,000F
Monopoly - 100,000F

Total: 275,000F (Reasonable sink hole)