[SUGGESTION] Increasing Tier 6 Map Landmark Allowance To 10

Hey everyone! I am proposing to allow tier 6 states/cities to have a total of 10 landmark icons on the server map instead of 8. Once some of these large cities expand to the massive sizes they are, it would be nice to be able to mark more areas on the map in my opinion. I do not think allowing 2 more per tier 6 city would clog the map or make it messy honestly. It’s a significant aspect to entice players to visit these marked areas!

Let me know what you think!


I agree. I know Ender can’t get enough of them. :slight_smile:

I’m not opposed, but i’m suprised! Not many tier 4-6 city owners even want landmarks.

yeah, I don’t know why people don’t want/have them. I think it brings a great opportunity to showcase interesting areas for people to visit!

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People seem to have agreed with the suggestion with no protest, so could this become official?


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