Suggestion: HMSU Surveillance

I would like to suggest this plugin. It seems like a great idea. Just allows view changes so not resource heavy and would add to our roleplay. Admins can hook up the gov cities to get their power fixes too. You know you want it… right?

Plugin: Security Camera Plugin - CCTV [1.12.2 -> 1.20.4] | SpigotMC - High Performance Minecraft


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I like this idea to this can also help with working on lighting systems and redstone systems for example I am working on a system to use fireworks and I have to be in a control room but can’t see the show a camera would be super super helpful!

I would support this 1000 percent

Would be useful for keeping an eye on what billboards are put up around spawn.

4K606 after surveillance is installed:

Obviously the teleport option has to be removed.

Does the camaras actually record when someone pass by and you would be able to see that afterwards?

No teleport, no recording. The only thing that really changes is your viewpoint. Essentially the same as /warp eh tutorial but with controller options to switch viewpoints.

any progress on this? Would like to see this go up for a vote

Poll added.

any update to this?

i cant see the use of this really tbh.

might be good in a minigame. you checked out the setup?