[Suggestion] GTC Selling Honey

To put it short, bee mechanics do not work on hellominers and the ability to keep bees is impossible. Bees instantly enter bee hives and then disappear, never to be seen again. In the absence of and storage hive, bees will despawn even when named at a random time. Unless fixed, honey has no way of being obtained, ruining the ability to make certain Redstone machines.

We should be nerfing the Gtc as you did with ice. Not buffing it.

I don’t see how adding an item that is currently unobtainable could be seen as buffing the GTC. It would need no sell sign and would simply be making up for the servers inability to function under normal vanilla mechanics.

Was just joking jeez. You sure you did the bee thing right since people have farmed it in the past.

Im pretty sure I did it right. I asked everyone who did it in the past and they said they stopped after their bees de spawned.

Items that became unobtainable in the past were obtainable via mob shrines. It is one of the reasons why they exist.

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Yeah strange is right here. Maybe there can be like a hive shrine with a queen bee in the middle.

Ultra has one pre made on a different server but as this will take a while to set up I believe it would be best to make a temporary shop.

Honey will most likely not be added to the gtc, however we will be looking to add a mob shrine. It shouldn’t take too long to add, and is a better option long term.