[SUGGESTION] Event Schedule

Feel free to comment below what else you would like to see. The following can all be run by mods and some by players themselves. Mods can also reward prizes.

Fight Club

Quiz Night


Spleef, Parkour, Maze & Roulette

Casino Night (hosted at a private casino)

Ironball Match (hosted at a private city)

Battle Palace Event

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If we continue without an event schedule then this server is going to continue with its downwards trend and lose its player base. Other events could be added or substituted i.e. a scavenger hunt etc.

We also need a strong events team that can host regular stuff, not just the seasonal stuff.

At least with a schedule, staff or department staff can be expected to run stuff and sort out who can host. Even if one gets missed because of no staff or little players, then at least players know that the next day there might be another event.

These types of events add a bit of fun to the game, which is very dry otherwise.

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We tried this I even offered 5k per event on a weekend for staff to host and nobody wants to do it. I agree we 100% need this schedule.

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There should be 2 staff that they only do events, one week one staff and the next week the other one. This way we have at least 1 event per week.

I have been looking other economy base servers and I know what im going to say some wont like but the issue here on HM is staff, they just stop caring, they dont do events, dont do updates nor they engage actively with the community.

Of course there are some exceptions like ultra, he has been working on a big update for long time but even he is 5 months behind schedule, why? Because no one else in the staff team helps him.
I know ender worked a lot recently in redoing WC and HH. But besides this I dont see staff around doing anything, some promise they will do stuff but they dont, until that changes we will have the same mediocre experience we have had the last years.


100% agree you couldnt be more on point.