(Suggestion) Dylad Reset

Given we’re now on the 4th server reset post apparently from Dylad, I feel it’s time we decide if Dylad should be forgiven for his server reset posts.

  • Yes, reset Dylad
  • No, let him continue

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nah, they’re hilarious, however I don’t see this as a suggestion. meerly just a dig at a player for expressing opinion.

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This is totally ridiculous behavior from a former staff member, which also included a passive aggressive discord direct message.

I am simply expressing my views and my opinion on what I see as the best way to fix the issues the server has been plagued with for years. If these posts are too bothersome for you, I apologize, but they really shouldn’t be if the majority of the community expresses unfavorable opinions towards it (which is what we are seeing now).

Requesting topic lock.


LMAO. Just too funny.

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Unlike the others, I acc get the hidden layers to your humour in this.

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Bud, I found a plugin for ‘President Biden’, which means you can officially retire and let chatgpt do all the work: