[Suggestion] Custom Tree Plugin?

Hello everyone I have a suggestion for the server regarding custom trees. Everyone loves custom trees, they look so much nicer than those ugly Minecraft trees man. But here’s what everyone doesn’t love… trying to build nice-looking, realistic trees!

I am proposing the idea of either adding a custom tree plugin that players are allowed to use (maybe on a pay-per-tree basis and must have the materials) or possibly allowing the use of Litmatica easy place strictly for trees. In my opinion, being able to use realistic-looking trees would be a massive benefit for the realism of the server.

I am not sure how or if this could be implicated but let’s discuss!

As someone who is CO2phobic, I can 100% follow this thread of suggestion and will donate to this charity called ‘a custom tree plugin’.

I know slimefun has custom trees already, however prehaps we can find a slimefun plugin to do this that way its kinda an addon instead of adding a whole new plugin. I feel like this would be a really good addition, the only thing that we would have to figure out is making sure it abides by worldguard, cuz trees popping in can break chests with some plugins.

I am aware of the SF trees which is a step better than the default trees. Could be cool to try and find something within sf is there another way to add more legit custom trees. As long as you could pick where you want to put the trees within an area or plant them with some sort of sapling.

Another idea would be having a warp in one of the worlds with a bank of premade custom trees that could be copy/pasted as a gallery. You could pick trees that you wanted and apply to buy them and place them or something. I’m not really sure and would probably take a lot of time away from staff or require world edit copy/paste. If trees were loaded in a gallery area through Litematica you could even track exactly how many stacks of each material would be needed and we could make people supply materials and pay for the “placement” of the trees. There could be an application section within the city department (is that a thing anymore) and follow a process similar to biome changes or approval of other city elements within city tier requirements. All hypothetical ideas that wouldn’t require any plugin at all, but it has the con of requiring staffs help/time and might be considered “to op” to some.

if you find something discord it to me, like i feel we could make this a “thing” and sorta make super super super awesome custom trees, but use them as like a expensive thing to get the economy moving, i like your tree gallery idea, I was thinking maybe we could put it behind spartans vinyard in the event hub because thats a roleplay job i never quite got around to making, its on my radar for sure its just the tutorial is a lot more important. My point being we could just add like a barn to the vinyard or something with like a tree orchard behind it?

I’m also down to pay someone to design this, like i feel this is a really really good suggestion.

It wouldn’t be too hard to make a denizen script that spawns in custom trees from schematics using custom saplings (whether they spawn a random custom tree or a specific one) - but they would need to be in the denizen plugin folder.

I am more than happy to be in charge of trying to set up the gallery if we can find something that works!

I thought about this long and hard overnight, I can sorta figure out the script and probably make it work

on player clicks block, type crying_obsidian with, itemtag itemname
consume item: 1
if locationset, context.location context.region permission true
place schematic1
place schematic2
place schematic3

thats not actual code btw, but i honestly can not figure out how to do the region check, otherwise people could place them anywhere grass is, and it would just be a menace, i mean we could technically make it so they only can be grown on obsidian so people physically cant place them anywhere except obsidian? That could be a potential solution or work around, it would basically bypass any worldguard permissions still, but we could use like crying obsidian, that way literally nobody is going to be able to greif with them, unless you got a ton of crying obsidian around, what do you guys think about that workaround

You could make the item that is to be placed a piece of bedrock which is 100% unobtainable still I believe.

Is anyone good with Denzian coding and Worldguard coding?!

bypass any worldguard permissions

Bypassing any sort of permissions will just end badly (it will eventually be exploited somehow), try to build around them when possible. You might also want to check that the area has no existing blocks placed by making sure the surrounding area is air to prevent the tree replacing these blocks, if the place command doesn’t do this already.

can not figure out how to do the region check

Worldguard’s API documentation (for plugins) can be found here and I believe for Denizen you can check build permissions by using this

we got most of it working, still testing

i still intend to do this, been super tired all week, most of the tech is finished

it would be helpful if someone helped pick out schematics for the trees though

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Do a competition

Im on it

i need someone to make schematic packages for me and i can make this a reality

working on it now!