[Suggestion] Courts/Prisons

What if instead of banning let’s say NYCEmpire for using GBT’s duped items or Zilliux for mass producing rares, or 4k for trying to get a rare as cheap as possible from an unsuspecting player, we put them to work to pay back to the community.

Unless a player did something extremely wrong like kept spamming the N word or threatened players, should we be banning less offensive players?

It seems some banned players like Zilliux have access to Discord still so why not have them in-game. We are after all that desperate for players. What was the point of subjecting poor oza to a muted dungeon if he can chat via discord too? We have also seem some people circumvent mutes too on discord.

Players also moan about transparency with ban topics so here’s a consideration:

The idea would be to have a prison. Each city could even build their own. Players can develop laws around appropriate prison time/fines for various offences and this can be voted on (maybe by the senate). Judges could preside over cases and players can employ a legal rep to fight on their behalf. Staff would also make sure judges aren’t being to harsh with their sentencing.

If sentenced, players would then have to live in a prison during this time. One where they can’t leave but can reduce their sentence by working in a cobblestone farm. We could have different levels of security. Maximum security where they can’t chat or open prisons where they can leave and keep coming back to work to pay off their debt to society.

This would help with friendships and keeping playercount up and provide a bit of amusement.

It’s a whacky idea but with or without player judges it could work!

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Id be down for slave labor if you all pardon me in return

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I am down to enslave 4k606 at my factory to produce items for super cheap for the government


I really like the idea and 100% agree with it. Most bans could just turn into community service, slave labour, fines etc. Bans should only hold for serious problems. Infact even if there is a big fraud where a player makes a huge amount of illegal money, we can place a fine on them that makes their balance negative allowing private lenders and banks to become a thing as well as homeless shelters i guess hahaa