[Suggestion] Climate Change

Something to think about, encouraging cities to plant trees to make the landscape nicer. Also might help counteract the pollution caused by increasing Valnir Air flights over our cities.

Minecraft is serious about global warming, adds a new plugin | Packt Hub(spigot,allow%20changes%20in%20climate%20mechanics&text=Minecraft%20Server%20Java

Github repo:

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Valnir would love to decrease flights in exchange for more sustainable transportation like trains but…

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Jokes aside this is a cool plugin to look into.

If I’m not mistaken I’ve seen it before and it increases risk of climate changed based on whether you use clean fuel.

Veto. This plugin raises the sea level, do you have any idea how much chaos that would cause, literally every block at 65y will just be underwater everywhere, even in deserts or big empty pits people dug out, i can see this going very wrong

I would assume you can counteract that with a setting to prevent. What about Vik’s plugin?