[Suggestion] Clarification in rules on removing Dept Staff Members

There has to be a clear method to be able to remove inactive dept staff members that essentially hold progress hostage by disappearing and not providing the leadership needed.

This method should be within the rules to prevent ad hoc removal if there are debating factors around what determines inactivity - 2 months, 3 months, 4 months, 1 year.

It should not be considered that these positions are a life membership, as other players might want to take on these roles and have a chance to apply.

As dept staff within some departments have been removed if inactive for 3 months or more and it has generally been announced that staff members should be removed after 3 months, this should be written expressly into the rules for depts to prevent confusion and players trying to assert their way back into depts automatically, especially if a discord role hasn’t been removed and another player has been given their role.

These players can always rejoin these depts but we should keep giving opportunities to players to keep them invested in the server.

Thanks for the suggestion! With gov departments being a targeted area we have on the list to improve, this suggestion is definitely good to consider.

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