Suggestion , Caps the amount of cities

Hello all,

So it came to my attention after looking on the dynamic map that there are a lot of HMSU flags (Cities owned by them)

I would like to suggest to put a new rule that caps the amount of having cities.
It gives an unfair advantage to new players or players with a low budget (Bal) to buy old cities or even trying to get new players to there city if they would even have one.

(cause it would be overruled by HMSU)

  • So my suggestion is to caps people to have 3 cities maximun to run or manage
    (vice versa)

This way new players have more variation to choose either they wanne live in a government owned city or a private city

Caps the amount of cities?
  • yes
  • No
  • Other (Specify in comments)
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Thnkx for reading and considering.

let me know what you think ? keep it related to the post (Caps the amount of cities)


proceeds to rename Valnir to Valnirgrad, H.M.S.U.

I do not see how owning multiple cities gives an unfair advantage to new players or players with a “low budget” wanting to buy a city. Could you give an example of your claims?

I do not believe that a player owning more than 3 cities would hinder new players from choosing a city to reside in. A player choosing a city depends on the activity level of the city, the aesthetic, layout, availability of resources, and plot/building options for a player. I don’t see how someone simply owning 4 cities would influence a player to pick one of theirs, unless they fit their needs.

If city owners/potential city owners want players in their cities, they need to be creative and innovative in order to persuade players to buy/move in by increasing the offerings of the city or creating incentives.


Let’s not single HMSU out then. You have Monbay, Paradise Hills and Argos that all own multiple cities. The advert for the game literally says build your own empire.

Unlike Argos, we’re actively developing our cities to enhance the experience and new players can always start cities further out. I also manage a few other which I don’t own and no I’m not selling them to you.

Most HMSU cities are grouped into regions so basically they’re 13 cities acting as like 5 oblasts. Some of actually very small and a group of them is being merged soon. So 13 mostly tier 1/2 cities is not like 13 tier 6 cities.

You’re entitled to your suggestion but I disagree. What would be lovely is more different themed cities. Some of us have invested heavily in the server and trying to create something that can engage players, especially new ones. There is no monopoly on space so a cap, no matter how favourable it is to players, is not really necessary at the moment. Noone is taking over the world just yet.

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Just to clarify as well, the 13 cities in the HMSU don’t all have the same ownership. One is just owned by me and is a ‘protectorate’ and another is owned 3-ways.

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Also, there are quite a lot of smol cities still on the map. This suggestion would make it very difficult to buy these up to make bigger tier cities and unfortunately sometimes cities can be trapped in and need to buy up other cities in order to increase their land values to get to that end tier.

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You write ‘‘Hello all’’ but really you should write Hello Gurbanguly and Thendil.
This post and suggestion is ONLY targeted at the HMSU because you have apparantly decided you hate me specifically.

This server has so many cities that there will always be some left for other players. If I have 10 cities, or 5 people have 2 cities, thats still 10 cities occupied, it has NO unfair advantage to new players, who shouldnt be trying to run a city anyway (BECAUSE THEY ARE NEW PLAYERS). Cities are expensive to make or buy and other people owning more than three doesnt make them any more expensive.

Second. You aren’t really supposed to buy a city if you want to have one, you don’t have to. The conventional way of getting a city is just making one, and theres more than enough space for that. The cities that are bought by other players are there anyway, by buying them we aren’t wasting land or opportunities for others.

These cities are rotting away in their own misery. Lots of cities are inactive and havent been visited for years. You should be happy that someone like me and Thendil, or Satan and Arakorni is happy to buy up these cities and make them into something new, to give them a purpose again.

I would like to once again point out that this post is only targeted at HMSU. This person has no interest in wether this is an actual issue or not, it’s only to spite me. I’m not sure what i’ve done wrong to make you this mad at me. I will be sure to alert staff if this bullying continues.

Thanks Alex and Thendil for their words


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He’s been messaging lots of people trying to buy cities off them. Also several cities are bigger than the HMSU combined so this suggestion doesn’t take into account either.

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cries in owning too many cities to count

on a serious note though:

I don’t see the benefit to putting a cap on the amount of cities you are allowed to own. The people buying inactive cities typically spend their time doing evictions, then tearing down, and finally modernizing the existing city. Which leads to a dead city becoming something more.

Also, there’s a bunch of wild land available (from what I can see from the server map) so, I don’t really see any issue with people spending the extra money (and putting in the extra work) to buy an inactive city. Starting a new city is easier than reviving one anyways ;-;


Welp… Since MonBay was spoken about, lemme give my thoughts

Private cities have always existed, and from day one it has always been a market based on competition. People don’t go to private cities just because they can, they go IF and WHERE they want to go. Just owning a city doesn’t mean people will go there lol, and also lets not forget the wilderness exist and you can always pop a new one into the map. Whats impeding it to happen, other than money?

Whats wrong with HMSU buying and rebuilding stuff? Also if this absurd suggestion even makes through (which we all know it won’t), all cities before the rule will be grandfathered into the old rule so… whats the point? A personal attack to HMSU? Great way to dig yourself lol

This whole suggestions makes me feel like you don’t have enough money to start a city from zero (you know, like pretty much 90% of city owners), tried to lowball city owners to sell part of their stuff (like you did with me and i’m sure with the hmsu guys as well) and once rejected tried to bend the rules to your wishes lol.

Let me finish this with a general point: owning a city isn’t for everyone, and isn’t as easy as it seems. The reason we have 3349348 abandoned cities is basically because everyone wanted to try, and that is good for competition!! But don’t forget the market isnt welcoming and if you want your city to be even noticed, it has to show something great and different from the others, otherwise it will be forgotten as soon as you go inactive or even before that.


This is everything I wanted to say, but better. I can confirm this Shockz guy tried to buy a city from us, probably because he doesn’t want to put in the work to actually earn making a city. He tried to buy from Pumpcan as well I think.

To add to Felipe’s words,

It seems the only reason this post was made was to either spite people who worked hard and earned to earn the cities they own, or it was a pathetic attempt at getting a city for cheap.

You want to have a city, but you don’t want to put in the work to actually earn one.
So you resort to attacking people who did work hard to get what they got, hoping the government will force people to sell their cities, so you can go and get one for cheap.

A new player cant expect to have the same advantage over balance or land as a player that has been playing for years. HSMU have adquire all those cities after a lot of effort and years invested on this server. Wanting to put a cap on ownership of private cities because you have not been able to buy one after messaging everyone on the server is rather unfair for HSMU owners and selfish on your side.
I mean no offense. (I own nothing of HMSU)

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You obviously haven’t read the points. If you had you’d see we don’t own the most cities, so why just target the HMSU?

It’s inevitable those who put in the most effort will have more. It’s not “inflation”, it’s wealth. Stop with the jealousy guys. Our cities have been managed by different people so that doesn’t hold up. Plus some of our cities are smol cities that are being merged so stop overreacting when you obviously haven’t looked at what we do.

cough infrastructure

Well if you continue pissing people off, they won’t come back and that seems to be purpose of your attacks. There are cities that are bigger than the HMSU combined, but you focus on the HMSU only. Most cities have pretty much the same/similar rules.

Also, cities are so 2022. It’s all about nations now.

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Not going to lie, this probably wouldn’t be an issue if more people played the server. 2 people were online at 5pm est saturday (prime time). I think HMSU owns so many cities because they are some of the last leople still active who are interested in buying cities. Most people want cities to sell plots, they want cities as renovation projects and to build what they want. This issue is stupid.

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The HMSU does not own the largest collection of cities as stated above.

HelloClan City has a landvalue that is 2.5m greater than Valleyside-Valencia.

Other organisations have a larger reach across the server than the HMSU.

You’re choosing to focus on the HMSU because of self-inflicted McCarthyism.

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