[Suggestion] Bring back physical banks

So this week’s idea from Thendil is:

Allow banks to have command signs that can do the command

/c bank withdraw 1000
/c bank deposit 1000


Cities can then make use of their old banks.

Also re-add the bottle exp command sign so we can top up rather than running the command.


As usual, I am into this idea, but I’d like to have it with sign way and not via commands.

This way private cities will be able to build a let’s say, central bank/bank branches, and maybe ATMs around their city, and put it as a requirement to upgrade thru city tiers.

So in the old days as you remember you could do this with the paper notes in certain increments:

Currently with the companies banks you can do /c bank deposit/withdraw .

For nostalgia purposes and to actually have a working bank in a private city that can count towards a public building rather than display only, we could allow for adding back of these increments of 50, 100, 500, 1000 whatever using command signs. the command could still work.

only downside is the effort to set them up and the fact that it’s companies only atm and not everyone can afford a company bank account.

im down with this, the problem is it might confuse people without a company, we are also looking into other company perks

My Idea is to have a bank branch/atm (which can be earned as a perk reward in city tier level 3) and the requirement to have in the following tears. Banks/ATM buildings can be made by the city, and functionality will be added with a fee.

How will it function?
There will be a deposit/withdrawal and a balance sign(s) which when the player will click in, will prompt a msg in chat to write the amount that needs to be deposited/withdrawn. And there will be a /b bank command to inquire about the balance at any time. (We could have increments of 50, 100, 500, 1000, and 10,000 too. For ATMs if needed it could be 100 and 500)

The balance will be united across all banks, so you can withdraw it from any other city on HM, so it’s not a city-based balance as we don’t have the required player base for that. What could be branch based is Vaults. Again, money withdrawal/deposit will only be via signs in banks and maybe ATMs, not anytime and anywhere via a command.

Company bank could stay as it is, it won’t confuse anybody. A company bank can be still used by people to share the balance between each company member.

I like the idea. I like abods idea of having bank branches that you have to go to access the money. It could be really cool if only private cities were allowed to apply for a branch, so it could be an added incentive to visit player cities to do your banking.