[Suggestion] Ban Maparts...

Suggestion would be as follows:

  1. Ban maparts in the main world.
  2. Create locked maps as a backup of all those in the main world (Helloclan)
  3. All existing maparts would be copied to the mapart world with original owners added.
  4. Original regions would be removed and maparts removed.


  • Unfinished maps look untidy.
  • Some cities get blocked in by these regions.
  • They cover the ocean which endangers the lives of the dolphins.
  • There’s a world for maparts. Don’t need them in the main world.
  • Would prevent more being created.

I’m not against this.

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I like the idea. also the last bullet point is incorrect, its actually been illegal to region mapart in the overworld for the past 5 years. When all maparts were made in the end, before mapart world, clexar/marc had moved my mapart region in the overworld to the end with worldedit. So yeah its been illegal, but still those that existed far before need to be removed or moved if complete to mapart.


Great suggestion, in fairness I’ve been bothered by mapart spread around the server as well. It doesn’t really help the roleplay factor.
“Next to the city of Bayview we see the city of, oh nope that’s just one giant square of colored wools”

I agree. I think all maparts in the overworld should be moved to the mapart world and regions refunded to their owners (half of them are griefed anyway). I know aya has a mapart copyright script that should be good to go soon so maybe this can all be done at once.


Heavily against this. I should be able to use my land for whatever purpose I want to use it for. Mapart is one of these things.
I only have my own mapart region in the overworld because it took staff way too long to fix the end and there was no mapart world at the time.

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I mean you’d be refunded while essentially keeping the same region. A mapart region in the overworld costs 81k at 5f per block but only 10k in the mapart world. So you’d be making 71k without losing anything.