Suggestion - Ban Land Sales Except for Cities

This is either a dumb idea of a genius idea, but I am suggesting to ban sales of land except when it can be used for a city or to expand an existing city. The reason for this is that a sizable amount of players live in massive farm/storage complexes in the middle of the wild which they spend the vast majority of their time in. Conversely, there is a plethora of cities that have large surpluses of land (even government ones) that aren’t being built on. By making this a rule, people would invest in building in cities rather than the middle of a forest or some remote ocean base. Many of the empty plots that plague virtually ever city would be 1 step closer to being filled. This would also reinvigorate player interaction as players would live closer to each other rather than in the wild. This would not only make the server more realistic, it could also lead to cities having industrial and farm centers which just aren’t done on a large scale since people prefer to do it in the wild. People with existing wild bases would be grandfathered probably.

For a server that says it’s “the oldest city economy server”, this would certainly help the city part of that.

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I like it, but what about a tempoary ban? We have already grown to big for our playerbase, why don’t we strenghen the infrastructure that we have. When the time is right, then, maybe lift the land ban?

Increasing the land value even more is an option too

I understand the idea, but I don’t think it’s right to ban all land sales other than city land because many people like to have a house in the wild or make factories, etc. This could hinder production for stocking shops and limit options for creativity in the server. I own lots of wild land, which has helped create events in the past and created cool other areas for people to explore. People should be able to buy a pretty area of land for an island or house which would no longer be possible if this was implemented.

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The idea is that people would do all these things within cities. Cities would have private islands for sale, industrial districts for farms, and even a farm district. Everything could technically be done via a city and would help fill the cities up to be more than just shop hosts.

In theory, yes but how many city owners would have access to all of those funds? Buying lots of land becomes pricey very fast, even millions in land really only gets you so much of an area worth developing. And what about cities that don’t have that type of biome/resources around to expand further?

The only way I see this working is if the map is split between cities, with territories going over (the higher the city tier, the bigger the territory given i guess). Eg. nations get to ‘‘claim’’ x blocks around their regioned borders

Most cities I see have tons of plots and empty space.

If all farms, machines and these type of stuff is concentrated in one place it would create crazy lag right? If not it sounds good. Maybe a warp farms could work.

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Look at the bigger picture tho, for example, Ashford has over 5 mil in land but only a few mil if even is developed, this is because the land is not suitable for farms, plots etc. I would have to spend weeks/months terraforming land around my city to make it accessible to sell for buildings of any sort. This would be a major problem with a lot of land around many cities if you could only buy city land.

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