[Suggestion] Auction Houses in Cities

Currently: Crazy Auctions has been added back but you can only do /ah in the lovely new Event Hub. There is also an NPC you can click on to open the plugin at the physical auction house in the hub.

Idea: Allow cities to have an auction house NPC where players can visit if nearby rather than warping away to the event hub every time. Will also add to the realism and give cities that something extra.



Ultra has confirmed it should be easy to set up if people like this idea. Maybe a tier 2 perk?

tbh i think it should be like one of those higher tier rewards (like tier 4 or 5), although it’s nothing spectacular it just means that they’re less common (like how it’s only available in eventhub right now)

but i do agree tho :+1:

i like idea but i also think we need to get rid of auction house. even in event hub because then people need to put effort into stores OR advertise (i rarely see in chat and it’s sad) I can understand benefits of it but before we had it the server was fine.

Could it be that auction houses might encourage trades in chat and people visiting cities?


This is a really cool idea that would definitely benefit the player experience, especially for new people its easier to interact with the server and economy with features like this. I think every city should be able to get an auction house but tier 2 would also be good. Don’t limit this good feature behind a tier 5 or 6 city because players can already use the auction house, this is just a quality of life upgrade and the city itself doesnt really benefit at all from this.

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