[Suggestion] Airport Warps

So the suggestion would be to remove /warp airport (including the /warp a & /warp c which is the same as /warp airport at the moment).

Instead you have:

/warp rc - Takes you to River City Airport
/warp hc - Takes you to HelloClan City Airport
/warp cb - Takes you to Crystal Bay City Airport

Instead of spawning at a balcony, you spawn at the airport entrance like you do at /warp a.

Each airport has access to the same NPC gui and can take you to any airport that the current /warp a can.

Also, you would be closer to the taxi TPs for that airport.

I feel this would be a good compromise and would help reduce the steps to get from /warp a to the next gov city to their front row. I still like the fact that the gov is trying to give private cities a boost as they used to be quite dead not having much accessibility without having to travel huge distance. This way we could maybe improve access to gov city plots a little, which I know players were annoyed about when /warps were removed.

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Hey, I’d like to just say we are planning on implementing this. Staff discussed it just last week and decided to sit on the idea for a bit until we present it to the community, but as I see some of you have the same idea. I’ll post our version in the HM senate.

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So now the value will be in the plots opposite the airport.

Why can’t we just put it back to how it was? We all agree the current system sucks

It’s a good point but plots near gov city airports are more residential/rural areas at the moment (focusing more on suburbs etc) and it’s probably quicker to click the TP button on the taxi that takes you straight to front row than it does to reach the other side of the road by these airports. As in real life, as stuff gets built, property prices will fluctuate I guess and not stagnate. The real estate mogul will have to keep managing their portfolio appropriately. :smiley:

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Ngl I’d rather this suggestion implemented than what we currently have, even if it’s not perfect.