[Suggestion] AFK kick for Admins

Without naming names I know of a certain admin who goes afk for extremely long periods of time without getting kicked (because they’re an admin and exempt). While Luc on console has kicked him before (power move btw) there still should be the same AFK kick we have apply to admins.


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Wonder who that could be?

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Hmmm… who knows?

You should always give the name of the staff you are complaining about so you can get an accurate response of what’s going on.
I know which staff you talking about, he has been working on HH for some days now and has told publicly many times he is not up for helpmes since he is working on a gov project since the time he logs in until he logs out. Going afk while checking what you working on during these big projects its completely normal.
Hope this helps in clarifying the afk issue with this admin.