[Sugestion] An HM Wiki - possible new department?

Since I’ve practically made the Suggestions part of the forum my home I’d like to suggest another addition to HM, a wiki. This isn’t a new idea, in fact it was attempted during Boots and Magnus’ reign in 2020 but like everything they did, including probably their relationship, it failed miserably. Slander aside, the idea of a wiki is really good only their execution was terrible.

Why should we have a Wiki, you ask? That’s a stupid question.
Wiki’s allow you to retrieve crucial information on parts of the server at any point. Not only would it be great for new players to be able to find information on cities, companies or places, but it could also provide active updates for the older amongst us. Kind of like forums except your posts don’t get drowned out after a month.

My Suggestion:

  • Create a web page, or an area of the forum, dedicated to an HM wiki just like Wikipedia.
  • Don’t limit the amount of posts one can add, but instead charge a reasonable fee for making one. This will prevent people from making useless posts, as well as stopping too many posts from being made. (I was thinking ~10k)
  • Posts should be sent to staff, and fact checked. This is where the possible new department comes in. This department only needs 3 or 4 members and requires little work, they’d be responsible for reading through posts and removing misleading information, or just generally stupid things people would write in their post. Equally this job could be done by staff if they’re up for it.

I personally would love to be able to read up on any aspect of HM I wanted to, within a few clicks.

Thanks for reading :slight_smile:

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We have a wiki ive asked around for people to help all week

what where

angry HMGuide noises

HMGuide isn’t really a wiki tho… more a guide hence the name

I mean it has wiki functions as it had (and will have again in the 3.0 version) wiki pages on cities and companies.

There’s this button

Don’t know exactly what it does but it might be useful for a wiki.

Might come in handy seems pretty key, my aim is for there to be an extensive data base of all HM related things and if I have to stay up calculating cities land values etc I will

I already run a wiki with end. it ain’t official, but is open to public.


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Fandom def has the best platform to run a wiki. Dont tell tedde i said that


Bro i think you just emailed him

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