Stepping down from HelloClan Suburbs Management

Hello all. Over the past week, I’ve been considering whether it’s possible for me to work with a superior who has blocked me on all private communication channels.

I’ve decided that while entirely possible, it would be far too difficult and too much of a stretch to work with someone who both has decided to block me, and act as if I’ve treated them differently to other people, when I have not.

Therefore, I’ve taken the decision to step down from HelloClan Suburbs management with immediate effect. I wish my successor good luck with HelloClan Suburbs, but while the current HelloClan Mayor is not giving me forms of communication in private (for opinions which I feel as if they should be privy to), I am unable to work on Suburbs and thus it makes me feel like I’ve got a role which has effectively been made redundant. I also wish the HelloClan City Mayor good luck with management of HelloClan City itself.


As I said the other day you are free to msg in the HC City Staff chat about stuff and we’ll respond to you directly. Sorry to see you go.

Sorry Edge, I know you gave the suburbs your best. I’ve had similar problems from previous administrations with them ignoring me so your I guess your not in the boat alone.