Some ideas for the server.

Hello folks! Its been awhile, I have been really busy with other projects the past few months. Hopefully I will be coming back soon. Anyway, I have an idea that could really help the server

This is going to sound really rash but to be completely honest the server is an oligarchy. The only people that have any power in the server are the super super rich making the government totally disinterested in what the common player needs. In fact time and time again the mods have made changes that makes being a new player much harder. You should not have to think about it too much to find examples there are plenty. My idea to fix this is going to sound stupid at first but hear me out. What if instead of mods being able to make big changes all willy nilly we have a voting system. Before a change can go into effect the server has a few days to vote on it, possibly on discord or at a dedicated voting location in a government city. I think this change in the process could nudge the server in a direction that is better for picking up new players instead of just letting the mods amass more and more wealth. If you think about it this could really be a possibility.
Well thats my two cents on the issue but just keep the idea in mind.


As long as people understand that what they want isn’t always good for the server, it’s not a bad idea to have community polling, but a dictator who knows server history and what needs done must take charge.

Not to be rude or anything like that of-course, but In my opinion, that’s just not true ;-;
For example, 2 of the biggest updates recently (nether reset, warp removal) were community voted on :p.
Also, there’s an open topic that lets any player join the server management / government and instantly start implementing their own ideas, and a dedicated government team to manage new player experience

I’m not saying this is perfect, but staff / gov are very open to suggestions :p, and although, it may not be a perfect democracy, but I wouldn’t say its an oligarchy :p.

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Personally I think everyone should have a chance to vote on issues and suggest things to the community, I feel we do an alright job at maintaining and implementing community suggestions. If we make it so every single topic has to be voted on, and whatever is voted on must be implemented, things might just fall apart. If you have a legitimate idea that we could implement, please make a forums post or in the discord suggestions channel.

The definition of an Oligarchy according to Merriam-Webster is “a country, business, etc., that is controlled by a small group of people”

In HelloMiners, the small group of people controlling the server is staff. Staff members aren’t elected by the community, they are chosen by existing staff. Staff isn’t even obligated to honor the vote of the community when we have votes. We may have some elements of democracy in this server, but it’s still an oligarchy.

ok what do you want to change?

Staff manage the server, yes, but we don’t just make decisions for everyone, and we do take player input/suggestions :p.


That group isn’t that closed :p, there are lots of departments with players in them, and lots of options for every single player to join that group

But, there haven’t been any/many gameplay-related suggestions recently (other then one by Yootay, which was implemented, and one by Binary, which is in the works), so what ultra said ^, if you have ideas for things you think the server should have, please do suggest them :p.

Remove slimefun
Actually remove warps