Solution for /warp airport

Instead of having those empty plots the gov could build a HM Plaza with 24-32 stores ready to be rented by all players.

This will end the megastores since is government owned and everyone will be able to have a store in the same place that everyone wants.

I can build this for free, something similar to this but modified with a hm theme.

I dont think having shops at the airport is a good idea, if anything it should be places to live in

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I support this idea treat each one as a vc stall

The problem is it will make warp shops again, we could have apartment buildings for new players, and possibly houses behind them

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warp shops arent as big of an issue as big warp shops that are the sole shop at a warp. really small ones like the old vc stalls (where it was like 6 or 12 blocks of actual shop space) isn’t gonna monopolise anything.

instead, we should make certain policies, like a person cant rent/buy more than 2 stalls (they cant be next to each other) and no merging of stalls. the stalls should be set out like a bazaar (see image), also they should be rented/leased out for a certain period (either 3 or 6 months) as opposed to sold. these wouldnt be plots, they would be built up stalls where people could rent the space inside of it

this is my hypothetical layout of how a bazaar type area would work.

with a maybe turkish bazaar theme it could look cool, just like little stands so only a few items could be sold, the empty space between the stalls would be a large pathway

(also added a train station and park because i assume they’ll add a train station at some point and a park with a bazaar next to it could be really cool)

shops in private cities killing themselves rn


I dont think a market will work out. We did rental stalls in the past and every single time we do it, theres 1-2 stalls used, then the rest get abandoned, its a nightmare to manage because nobody stocks their stores and goes inactive and people horde the good plots. Same thing with summer markets.

If you want another example, do you remember the warp suburbs new player stalls, or better yet the new player mall? How about the vc rental shopping building…

The main example of us trying this was the octoberfest market in 2019, we had warp stalls for free for everyone, there were a few that got used, most didnt, even if we kept evicting people. Was running for 14 days. Unless we do some kinda mega mall, or shopping district where only like large companies can compete, I dont think this would work, even that might be a bad idea.

But then again, I dont have a solution.

Didnt helloclan leadership deny this already?

unlike the other ones though its airport, and now its the place literally everyone goes to. it worked for VC stalls (well, minus the renting part but i dont think that would be too big a deal, it would just be so there wouldnt be inactive plots and a continuous influx of money)

It’s exactly that, a huge mall with some stores for everyone but If ppl dont want stores there then the gov should fill that space there, how about doing the dealerships there, the casino and the gtc there?

If i was going to do a mall, id kinda try to do it more modern and place it somewhere it isnt laggy, im not saying a mall is a bad idea its just failed so many times in the past. It could be a solution to the warps no longer being a major player however I dont want something thats going to kill what little business player cities still have. If it was a mall, honestly it should be more of an enclosed warp like EH is so it doesnt affect much.