Russelville eviction 2


Rules: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Plot: rv_p38
Owner: Mcpedude17
Inactive 11 months

Plot: rv_p29
Owner: abasi / titanicvapor
Inactive 42/14 months

Plot: pro_p36
Inactive 18/2 months

Plot: rv_p41
Owner: bugaboooo
Inactive 4 months

Plot: rv_p42
Owner: quantumfury
Inactive 27 months

Plot: rv_p3
Owner: sm0rezdev
Inactive 40 months

Plot: rv_p9
Owner: alp135
Inactive 18 months

Plot: rv_p11
Owner: JJGamePlayMaster
Inactive 51 months

Plot: rv_p17
Owner: animesenpai15
Inactive 24 months

Plot: pro_p26
Owner: _mackal
Inactive 24 months

Plot: rv_p19
Owner: kbsmoke
Inactive 36 months


Approved :fire: