Rosewood Evictions


If you are banned/inactive for 2+ months will be evicted.

Plot Region Name: rw_plot1
Inactive for: 2.0 months

Plot Region Name: rw_plot2
Owners: Alex2462
Inactive for: 13.0 months

Plot Region Name: rw_plot3
Owners: Alex2462
Inactive for: 13.0 months

Plot Region Name: rw_plot4
Owners: Visliaa
Inactive for: 42.0 months

Plot Region Name: rw_plot5
Owners: _Euphxria
Inactive for: 10.0 months

Plot Region Name: rw_plot6
Owners: Talizu and JacobJaxn
Inactive for: 17.0, 65.0 months

Plot Region Name: rw_plot7
Owners: thevaulter
Inactive for: 47.0 months

Plot Region Name: rw_plot8
Owners: Ghostie558
Inactive for: 24.0 months

Plot Region Name: rw_plot9
Owners: sugooji
Inactive for: 4.0 months

Plot Region Name: rw_plot11
Inactive for: 75.0 months

Plot Region Name: rw_plot12
Owners: Fr00t_L00ps
Inactive for: 23.0 months

Plot Region Name: rw_plot13
Owners: SouthSlice
Inactive for: 2.0 months

Plot Region Name: rw_plot14
Owners: Lord_High_Fixer
Inactive for: 86.0 months

Plot Region Name: rw_plot15
Owners: kiarkk
Inactive for: 8.0 months

Plot Region Name: rw_plot16
Owners: Fr00t_L00ps and kiarkk
Inactive for: 23.0, 8.0 months

Plot Region Name: rw_plot18
Owners: SouthSlice
Inactive for: 2.0 months

Plot Region Name: rw_plot19
Owners: AndroIsBack
Inactive for: 6.0 months

Plot Region Name: rw_plot20
Owners: Fr00t_L00ps, Zachtmac, and SouthSlice
Inactive for: 23.0, 91.0, 2.0 months

Plot Region Name: rw_plot21
Owners: SouthSlice
Inactive for: 2.0 months

Plot Region Name: rw_plot22
Owners: alfroda996
Inactive for: 5.0 months

Plot Region Name: rw_plot25
Owners: SouthSlice
Inactive for: 2.0 months

Plot Region Name: rw_plot28
Owners: Fr00t_L00ps, ozapenguin, Casper3001
Inactive for: 23.0, 30.0, 85.0 months

Plot Region Name: rw_plot29
Owners: ozapenguin, Casper3001
Inactive for: 30.0, 85.0 months

Plot Region Name: rw_plot30
Owners: SouthSlice
Inactive for: 2.0 months

Plot Region Name: rw_plot33
Owners: O__O__O__O
Inactive for: 28.0 months

Plot Region Name: rw_plot34
Owners: TheRealjamesl89
Inactive for: 82.0 months

Plot Region Name: rw_plot35
Owners: nichowastaken
Inactive for: 80.0 months

Plot Region Name: rw_plot36
Owners: TheRealjamesl89
Inactive for: 82.0 months

Plot Region Name: rw_plot37
Owners: MosTheKangaroo
Inactive for: 60.0 months

Plot Region Name: rw_shop1
Owners: SouthSlice
Inactive for: 2.0 months

Plot Region Name: feldidpoocuzsouthsliceaskedhimto
Owners: SouthSlice, WaterEmpire, AndroIsBack
Inactive for: 2.0, 49.0, 6.0 months

Plots with SouthSplice as an owner can’t be evicted yet. The rest are approved tho

Plots with ozapenguin shouldn’t be either. Ozapenguin is Monrah now and he hasn’t been inactive for 30 months

Also how was rosewood even purchased. I tried to purchase it a year ago but wasn’t allowed to because it was disputed between Sudbury and Argos. The staff wouldn’t allow it to be sold unless Sudbury gave its permission because it’s in range of the city. It also would need the permission of Argos since it directly borders Argos

Ozapenguin has been removed from those plots but monrah is still on them. They are 2 separate accounts even if same person. You should have been allowed to buy it at the time as there is no rule about it being in the range of a city. Shame you didn’t follow that up. Anyway, doesn’t directly border any city and highways don’t count towards city value.

You do directly border. In fact, the east and south sections of the city all directly connect to Argos.

Thanks for bringing this to my attention. Rosewood was founded in 2016 and Argos was later founded in 2019 sometime after the 120 block rule came in. Just to let you know.

We tried to purchase the city a year ago though and did the proper eviction and everything and it was stalled due to needing Sudbury approval. The fact you were added is a mistake since you would need both our approval due to its proximity to the Argos (0 blocks away) and Sudbury. Also sunville is older than Rosewood.

I am asking staff to take back the sale since it violates the region rules. Regaining an area 0 blocks away from 2 existing cities is illegal

“When buying land with the help of a staff member, please keep in mind the 5-block rule and 200-block rule need to be followed.”

Direct quote from the rules

As you say, when buying land (as in to create a region). This is an existing region and an existing city. The 120 block rule came into force before you regioned argos16 for instance so your regions would need to be the one that is removed.

I see you’re inactive in the actual game but still active on forums. I will see to it that you get refunded for this and thank you for bringing to my attention. Unless your post is regarding the evictions I consider the matter closed.

Except for the part where we own rolling hills which was in range anyways. Also sunville is older. You took a region that had no owners and put yourself on it. That region in question was within a multiple existing private cities that made claims to it before you even added yourself meaning you are in violation of the rule. This is exactly why cities like southbank and others took so long to settle.

I am active in I check in every few weeks and I saw you added yourself to rosewood which was obviously a mistake on your part since it wasn’t legal as I was told by Dr_stevenstrange when I tried purchasing it for the reasons I have stated. I can come on deal with this if that is necessary.

There is nothing in the rules that state that cities have first dibs on existing nearby cities that fall inactive, especially ones that they decide to illegally expand towards. There is no case law on this server and I’m not aware of any precedents and this never made its way into the new rules on the forum as I believe these are updated from time to time to take into consideration these things. I can see from your comments that you wanted the city but what’s done is done. This is in the evictions forum, please take it up with staff directly.

Don’t worry. Staff will just change the rules like they always do.

I’m going to pause the evictions for Monrah and Ozapenguin, + SouthSplice until we can verify claims made in this post.

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Happy for you to pause evictions. Oza has been evicted now already. Monrah was not part of the evictions.

Proof 2 months inactive for remaining plots.

Oza and Monrah are the same person you shouldnt be able to evict that

You can when they’re alts. I was only evicted the inactive alt:

monrah e0375201-7509-4623-afca-64e3cdd6fd60
ozapenguin f616bff5-80ee-4d0a-8574-399ac483d0f7