Return of summer market

To the newer amongst you who don’t know what Summer Market was, it was an event in which cities would all pitch an idea for, and the winner got to have a warp to their city for this event. These would be mob shrines which you won rares from and the last one was hosted in 2019, by DOME City (Argos). Summer 2020 was during the reign of Magnus and I could see why it was skipped, but now it’s Summer 2021 and yet there’s no talk of Summer Market returning? Staff have been focusing on raising player count and reviving private cities and this does both, so why hasn’t it returned?


I mean we can talk, lmk if any city wants to host, usually we pick at random but we can pick the best option this year.

To be completely honest, I forgot about doing it this year.

It’s probably too late to do it now, maybe a winter market?

Solaris host

Winter Market sounds cool since cities won’t really have enough time to get ready. If it’s hosted around October/November then Christmas won’t be in the way so maybe even an Autumn Market.

And to reply to Ult I would love to host but I’m sure other cities do too, maybe make a post? I feel like there was an application post in 2019?

Dove Valley would love to host.

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Honestly. October and November are Autumn.

If we were to do an Winter Market, the best time would be January/February.

That’s why I said Autumn Market… :smiley:

DOMEs idea was originally to host it in the winter as it was sorta game of thrones themed. Shame it got closed staff several times because they were “no longer making unbreakable items”…

That was more because an item with sharpness 65 was mistakenly added :smiley:

It was sharpness 55 btw. I found that error, I recalled those items and I redistributed those items. The closing was several days later.